VendRick Construction, Inc.

VendRick Construction, Inc.
367 Collar-Price Road
Brookfield, OH 44403
Phone: 330-448-4600
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VendRick Construction, Inc. considers the continual involvement of a company principal on each and every project, as well as the pursuit of the building group as a “project team,” to be our key attributes.

From preconstruction through the warranty phase, VendRick Construction, Inc.’s customers know that their project has principal involvement, personalized service, and attention to detail that their project deserves.

In addition, all members of VendRick Construction, Inc. have a well-rounded background in the construction industry, including academics, on-site field experience, and project management experience. We consider our personnel, both office and field, to be some of the most qualified people in the industry.

This philosophy is a direct benefit to our customers and to the quality of the construction project team creating a successful building program.